Picture this: you are on a date, everything is going well as expected, you can see from the conversation that unfolds that the lady sitting across from you likes you very much, the sparkle in her beautiful hooded eyes betraying her desire for you.

It’s obvious that she wants to sleep with you tonight. And so, you’ve captivated her all the way to the bedroom … but as soon as your seemingly perfect sexual relationship reaches its peak and a fire of passion burns rapidly within her, everything becomes sudden and mortifying. stop.

Now she has this look of disbelief on her face, reluctant to believe that the night that began so beautifully with the promise of hot and exciting sex will probably no longer exist. She is confused and frustrated.

You are equally frustrated, if not more, but just that you are not so confused about what just happened, because it is exactly what has tormented you before, the same thing that you have had dread in the back of your mind all. the night: premature ejaculation.

You keep wishing and hoping it would go away on its own with time and not happen again next time, but sexual encounter after sexual encounter you end up disappointed, frustrated, and ashamed. It seems like he’s constantly there … persistent and ruthless.

Well, it may not have happened to you in exactly the same plot as the little story I just made up, but it does serve to illustrate the plight of a man suffering from premature ejaculation (PE). And here’s a sobering fact: Unless you’re proactive about it, it’s likely never going away on its own on some whim.

In fact, PD can be a very painful experience; And while the circumstances leading to its development may, to a large extent, be beyond your control, the power to mitigate and ultimately end it is absolutely within your grasp. However, the challenge is finding the right solution for premature ejaculation.

And as the solutions advance, there are those that will solve the problem quickly but temporarily and those that will end it a little more gradually but permanently.

Quick fixes abound on the market: pills, sprays, desensitizing creams and a whole range of surface solutions. Do they really work? Well, as a workaround, they work up to a point and are good as “emergency tactics.” If, for example, you have a date that could end up in the bag and you want to put on your A-game, applying that spray or cream on your manhood a couple of minutes before sex can help delay ejaculation. However, if you want a permanent solution to your PE problem, you should not depend on such solutions. They just don’t address the underlying causes of premature ejaculation.

On the other hand, there are solutions that focus on reconditioning your body and mind for long-lasting results. To permanently fix your PD problem, you simply need to address the full set of biological and psychological factors that contribute to it. It is a truism to say that every man’s case is different, but an overwhelming majority of the common factors are connected to the following four areas:

1. Bad styles of self-gratification from an early age.

2. Not being familiar with our psychological trigger points for ejaculation.

3. Stress and emotional tension from everyday anguish.

4. Problems in the relationship between the partners.

All of these issues can be addressed through reconditioning and training based on a correct understanding of the biological and psychological factors that contribute to PD, gradually producing lasting change. It is in sex therapy and psychotherapy sessions, or through an information product that you can use in the privacy of your home that such reconditioning and training is possible.

Will this change happen overnight? Of course not. Depending on the treatment approach (sex therapy, psychotherapy, or an information product) you choose, it can take anywhere from a week to a couple of weeks for results to show (although some men see results in as little as a few days).

As someone who managed to solve my physical education problem using one of these approaches over two and a half years ago, I can assure you that that little story I made up earlier can have a splendidly happy ending.

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